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LTE to support the U.S. Army Reserve G-4 Medical

LTE and partner RLM-Communications has been awarded a 2-year $2.8M contract to provide data processing services supporting Global Combat Support System – Army Systems (GCCS-A) Operator Training and Repair Parts Accountability. Our team will support U.S. Army Reserve Units across the USA including locations in PA, KS, TX, UT, and GA. We are excited to continue building our capabilities and experience and are thankful to have a teammate like RLM-Communications to help ensure top-notch service for our new customer. Way to go!

LTE and Tetra Tech Inc. team on U.S. State Department support.

Lumbee Tribe Enterprises (LTE) and Tetra Tech Inc. jointly conducted a mid- term assessment of the performance of the Commercial Law Development Program in Sri Lanka. The primary audience for this evaluation are the managers on the project and the Economic Section at the US Embassy, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Further key audiences include the Dept. of Commerce and Dept. of State, US Agency for International Development, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs within the US Department of State and officers within the Department of Commerce.

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