Welcome to the LTE New Employee Onboarding Page. This page contains all of the paperwork that needs to be completed and submitted to become part of the LTE Team.

The required documentation is a combination of financial, benefits, security, and reporting documents. LTE has divided these documents into three phases.

Please download, complete, and save each required document locally to your computer. Once a document is completed, it may be uploaded utilizing the secure LTE New Hire Document Portal. The Document Portal can be accessed by clicking the following link.

Items in RED require completion and submission
Phase 1 Documents (Personal & Financials)
Please download documents prior to filling out.  (The preferred browser is Microsoft Edge.)  Once downloaded and completed, please save the documents and upload them to the portal.

1. Personal Data Form

2. Federal Withholding W-4

3. Employment Eligibility Form I-9

     * see last page for required documents to confirm employment eligibility (i.e.  drivers license, social security

       card, passport, etc). You must pick either “one” item from Category A or “one” item from Category B and 

      “one” item from Category C *

   3.a. I-9 Form Details

4. Form I-9 Identification (driver's license, social security card, passport, etc.)

5. Direct Deposit Form (include voided check or bank information directly from bank(s) for payroll)

6. State Withholding Certificate (select your state, download, complete, and submit)

7. Race/Gender/Veteran Status

8. New Hire Reporting Form (LTE is registered as a multi-state employer. Employee must complete this

                                                             form regardless of state of work)

9. Disability and Reasonable Accommodations

10. Acknowledgement of Receipt of Personnel Policy Handbook

Phase 2 Documents (Benefits)
Please download documents prior to filling out.  (The preferred browser is Microsoft Edge.)  Once downloaded and completed, please save the documents and upload them to the portal.

​11. United HealthCare Enrollment Application

  (required by ACA even if no benefits are elected - LTE pays 60% of premiums for spouse & dep. under age 26)

   (refer to "11.a Age Band for Healthcare Premiums" to determine monthly premium costs)

a.  Age Band for Healthcare Premiums

b.  UHC Welcome Brochure

c.  670 Rx Summary 

d.  2019 Advantage PDL 4 Tier July 2019

e.  2019 Benefits Notice

f.  2019 Prescription Drug List

g.  Health SBC - BH39

h.  Health4Me Mobile App

i.  myuhc.com registration

j. virtual visits - member flier

12. Health Summary - Election Form (required by ACA even if no benefits are elected)

13. BH39 Benefit Summary

14. Principal Enrollment Application (Dental, Vision, Life, LTD, STD)

       (LTE pays 100% of premiums for employees covering all benefits and spouse & dep under age 26 for Dental &         Vision only)

15. Principal Insurance Coverages

16. Principal Beneficiary Designation Form

17. 401k Enrollment Booklet & Instructions 

(Requires Employee Action - LTE does NOT enroll the employee.  Disregard page 1 in attachment for online setup only - follow directions below)

b.  January 2019 Retirement Access Login Info

c.  January 2019 Accessing Your Account - Participant Access Guide

18. Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Enrollment Form

a.  LUMB Employee Guide

b.  FSA Direct Deposit Form

c.  Benefits Card Election Form

d.  LUMB 2 Page Flyer

e.   Benefit Card Flyer

Phase 3 Documents (Security)

​19. Insider Threat Training (Complete the training then Print, Save and Submit the certificate)

20. Standard Form 312 Classified Information Non-disclosure Agreement

21. Badge Photo (personal photo that will be used for your LTE badge; chest-up, well lit and clear)

Benefits Reference Documents

- FAQs regarding Coverage for Adult Children up to Age 26

- Marketplace Coverage Notification

- Principal.com Instructions

- Virtual-Visits-Member-FAQ

- Virtual-Visits-Member-Flier

Corporate Reference Documents

- LTE Employee Handbook

- Timekeeping and Labor Reporting

- 2019 LTE Calendar

2020 LTE Calendar

- LTE Professional Compensation Plan 2019

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