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Lumbee Tribe Enterprises, LLC / 707 Union Chapel Road Building 2 Suite A-1 /Pembroke, NC 28372

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Lumbee Tribe Enterprises, LLC is a Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina owned small business established in May of 2011 to provide products and services to

Industry and Government partners.  LTE LLC has an informal mentor protégé relationship with RNB

Technologies, Inc. who is helping LTE LLC build its business profile.  



The Corporate Management staff of LTE LLC have been involved in Federal Government contracting for over thirty years, successfully establishing, building, and managing small business, including 8(a), Veteran-owned, Service Disabled

Veteran-owned, and Native American owned small businesses.  The management staff includes Mr. Ron Oxendine, a Lumbee Indian from Maxton, NC. 





LTE LLC is headquartered at 707 Union Chapel Road in

Pembroke, NC.  This facility has room for expansion and there are additional office locations locally in the Pembroke area that LTE LLC could leverage.  LTE LLC shares a remote office location with RNB Technologies, Inc. in Stafford, VA.  Stafford is located near Quantico Marine Corps Base and the DC Metro area, providing close proximity to Federal and Defense Agencies in that region.  LTE LLC expects additional growth in Fayetteville, NC, Charleston, SC, and Huntsville, AL during calendar year 2012. 






Learn more about the history and culture of the Lumbee Tribe at



LTE LLC  opens new office in


707 Union Chapel Road is now LTE LLC’s corporate headquarters. 



LTE LLC is actively recruiting

across the country.  If you are interested in working with LTE LLC contact  Include a resume or description of your skills, education, work

experience, military service, and ability to work throughout the

Continental United Status. 


· Capabilities

· CIO SP3 Contract

LUMBEE Tribe Enterprises, LLC

· 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

· 541618 - Other Management Consulting Services

· 541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

· 518210 - Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services

· 493110 - General Warehousing and Storage

· 236118 - Residential Remodelers

· 236210 - Industrial Building Construction


LTE LLC’s primary NAICS code is 541330 – Engineering Services.  As a start-up company our NAICS codes supported will evolve based on our understanding of the Tribal workforce and as contracting opportunities arise. Other NAICS codes targeted by LTE LLC include: