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The capabilities of LTE LLC are as diverse as the skill sets of the Lumbee Tribe.† LTE LLC personnel have backgrounds in construction, manufacturing, engineering, information technology, management, human resources, finance, and the military. LTE LLC is currently supporting the United States Marine Corps on multiple subcontracts in the Stafford/Quantico, VA area.† These subcontracts are with LTE LLCís strategic partners, QinetiQ-NA and RNB Technologies, Inc.†

Networking and Satellite Communications (NSC) Support

LTE LLC personnel provide engineering and technical support, on-going acquisition support, financial support, logistics support, website development and management, Manpower, Personnel, and Training Analysis Report development and assessment, Manpower, Personnel, and Training Plan, development and support, administrative support, and managerial support for the Program Manager (PM)† NSC and associated program teams within Marine Corps Systems Commandís Product Group 12.†

Marine Command and Control Systems (MC2S)† Support

The scope of this effort is to provide on-going engineering and analysis support for the MC2S PM within Marine Corps Systems Commandís Product Group 11. The PM MC2S, is responsible for the development, integration and fielding of all Ground Command and Control (C2) Systems, the Combat Operations Center (COC) and Marine Command and Control Systems and Applications (MC2SA).† LTE LLC personnel provide technical engineering and analysis support, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) support, and† Department of Defense Architecture Framework architecture development support on this subcontract.†

Common Aviation Command and Control (CAC2S) Program Engineering Support

LTE LLC personnel provide strategic and tactical recommendations and support/services in the areas of systems

engineering, analytical, acquisition and life cycle management, logistics, business and management improvement, and administrative support for the CAC2S Program Manager located at Quantico Marine Corps Base.†

Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP) Analytical and Technical Engineering Support

The scope of this effort is to provide support for USMC participation in SIAP activities as it relates to the USMC Pathfinder system, CAC2S, and to provide data collection support that enables the identification and resolution of Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) and joint interoperability issues.† This includes the identification of functions and integration issues relative to the implementation of a Joint Track Manager (JTM) to achieve the SIAP capability. LTE LLC personnel provide SIAP /JTM transition and integration support, CAC2S evaluation support, and program management and administrative support on this subcontract.†

Special Operations Exercise and Education Support

LTE LLC provides exercise and education support to critical elements of the Special Operations community for the development of full spectrum special operations awareness.† Support spans our inter-agency partners, conventional and special operations military forces with a pointed focus on Geographical Combatant Command's inclusion and exercise of our nation's most elite special operations forces. Education support is focused on sustainment and enhancement of special operations forces understanding of their operating environment.


As of 1 September 2011 LTE had a staff of 5 people, four providing contract support to Industry partners on Department of Defense contracts, and one staff member to support contract administration.



LTE LLC is actively pursuing work supporting local, state, and Federal Government

construction in the North

Carolina area to put local Tribal members to work in the state.†




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